Aisha Sheikh
Designer, Strategist, Educator, Entrepreneur

archiTEXT Inc.

Goal: Develop and promote an exhibition. We were exploring how to best transcend the stereotypes and elitism surrounding architecture, so as to make it dynamic, accessible, and generate awareness that every global citizen is actively involved in this discipline - whether consciously or subconsciously. 

Process: We created a charrette exhibition that allowed participants to engage and decipher the meaning of architecture in their life, so we designed an exhibition that was interactive and collected data. After an extensive promotional digital and print campaign, we also created a lot of buzz around the city with media when a cheeky person illegally spray painted signs around the city in a guerrilla campaign to let people know that NED IS COMING. ;)

Outcome: All the campaigns worked. The exhibition resulted in successful fundraising, dialog and eventually moved to New York, and Hong Kong. 

'What Has Architecture Done For You Lately?' Exhibition

'What Has Architecture Done For You Lately?' Exhibition