Aisha Sheikh
Designer, Strategist, Educator, Entrepreneur

Building 7

Goal: Located between the residential fabric and the industrial grounds of the CN Rail Yards, 'Building 7', formerly an industrial storage building, captured the community’s attention as a potential site for community use. Since it was scheduled to be converted into residential condominiums, it became a contested site. We were brought on to help facilitate an agreement.

Process: My team at Facility for Architecture Research through Media and Mediation worked with the Pointe St. Charles community. Through hosting a series of interactive community forums, the project engaged local citizens to enable them through the process of programming the building and decision-making. I created visual designs, renderings and physical mockups to help guide the discussion.

Results: After a long discussion and facilitation process, the neighbourhood won ownership of the site.


Batiment 7, Montreal - Community Planning

Batiment 7, Montreal - Community Planning