Aisha Sheikh
Designer, Strategist, Educator, Entrepreneur


Technology has enabled a modern era of borderless communities.

Community Building 

The following are communities I currently volunteer for, or participate in regularly. Hosting dinners, organizing retreats and bringing people together in curated and meaningful ways is a passion of mine. It would be incomplete to share my life without an ode to the hundreds of people who have challenged, encouraged, and shared many of my most profound experiences in the last few years. Here is to curiosity and growth through our friends and family worldwide.

Sandbox_2017_preview _credit_sq.jpg

Sandbox Global

One of the most important communities in my life has been Sandbox. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to curate some of its growth in the last two years as San Francisco co-ambassador, and formerly global brand co-ambassador. 1300 members from 100 countries, in 40 hubs, we connect by openly sharing stories and collaborating to positively shape the world locally and globally. This is the future of community, one where we can connect regardless of borders.


Singularity University

Over four months during the summer of 2017, I spent four months at NASA Ames Research Park in Mountain View. 90 entrepreneurs from 42 countries were welcomed into the Global Solutions Program. We learned about exponential technologies with a mission to impact one billion people in the next ten years. We formed teams, co-founded companies, and my team was selected to participate in the SU Ventures Incubator to build our business plan and meet with investors. #GSP17


The Coaching Fellowship

The Coaching Fellowship is an international community of 300 young women leaders of impact spanning 55 countries. Beginning with a 6 month coaching experience with my executive coach Wendy Appel, I developed my goals and have found tools to focus on my vision. Today I continue to work with this community closely, from hosting dinners, to participating in meaningful connection and conversation. When women support each other, amazing things can happen. 


Hive Global Leaders