Aisha Sheikh
Designer, Strategist, Educator, Entrepreneur

Loose Change

Goal: Develop a concept to regenerate the Montreal Quarry so that it is not disused land creating urban segregation. Due to urban sprawl, Saint-Michel, a neighbourhood in Montreal, is disconnected by a 2000m by 500m quarry. Currently, the quarry is a snow disposal site, but how can the site be reprogrammed in order to reconnect it to the community?

Process: Our team consisted of two architects and myself, an urban designer. We conducted a lot of primary and secondary research, and analyzed the area.  The concept began with an amusement park, and overtime, discovered the process of making algae. My team proposed that the deposited salty snow is melted into a salt marsh for three purposes: spirulina algae farming, a maritime science centre and research lab, and solar ponds that creates electricity and heat. My primary role was research, systems design, writing, and information design.

Outcome: we confirmed the science of this project, and are searching for implementation partners. Project recognized by Royal Architecture Institute of Canada.